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Please call to discuss your dogs needs and for an estimation of cost.


Puppy groom

Your puppies first groom is an important occasion as this sets the precedent for all its future grooms. Once your puppy is fully inoculated, their journey can begin. Time will be taken to calmly introduce your pup to all the different smells, equipment and groom.


Health Check

Every dog that I groom has a health check, this covers eyes, ears, nose, Genital area, skin, teeth and gums and paws. Most groomers see your pet more regularly than the vet, so this is an important part of their groom.


Nail clipping

Nail clipping is included in the grooming package price.


Ear cleaning

Ear cleaning is included in the grooming package price.


Shampoo and complimentary Blueberry Facial

I use a selection of High quality hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners to suit your dog’s coat and skin. I also include a complimentary blueberry and oatmeal facial as part of your groom, this is a facial cleanser that gently exfoliates, soothes and hydrates. It’s great for tear stains and removes dirt, it will not sting your pets eyes due to its tearless formula.



This can be either breed standard or tailor made to your requirements, depending on your preference and life style.



This is a technique that is done to remove guard hairs from wire hair or silky coated breeds it helps to promote healthy coat condition and colour.


Dog fragrance/Cologne

Hypoallergenic seasonal fragrance is included in the grooming package.


De-shedding spa

For double coat or smooth coated dogs, this is a mud spa treatment that helps to reduce shedding. It helps to unclog follicles, release undercoat, remove loose fur and promote skin wellness. If you’re forever hoovering this is the product for you. This spa treatment is an optional extra.


Teeth cleaning and Oral care treatment

Helps sooth minor gum irritation, promoting overall periodontal wellness, dissolves Plaque and Tartar, and fights bad breath.


Pawdicure / Paw and Pad Treatment

Conditions your pets paws leaving them rejuvenated and refreshed. Good for cracked pads and tired paws!


If you fail to keep your appointment with Dirty Paws Grooming Salon, a late cancellation fee of £10 will be applied.


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Salon opening hours

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Tel No: 07506 467218